As a production company, DotInk Cinema focuses on making strong and powerful films in which the message of the artist is portrayed in a visually rightful manner. We aim to touch our international audience with moving documentaries and fiction projects.Challenging and thought-provoking subjects are often centralised in our work while also focusing on inclusion and social interest. At DotInk Cinema we aim to introduceyoung and talented filmmakers to the world of cinema while maintaining our values.

Lucid Dreaming

Emma Evelein


Lucid dreaming tells the story of a girl in a train, who loses herself in the world of another passenger. As she falls deeper in all his emotions and sensations, the train and its passengers become part of the world she encounters through him. As a non-verbal meeting between strangers is established, she experiences how imagination and empathy are powerful and vulnerable at the same time.

'Gouden Kalf' for Best Dutch Short
The Netherlands Film Festival 2023
Thin Air

James Dean

Gerson Oratmangoen

In post-production.

Misha’s (19) biggest dream is to become an actor. When he finally gets an audition for an international blockbuster and gets invited by an acclaimed director for an informal meeting afterwards, he finds out what the cost of his ambition is and his life will be changed forever.

James Dean

Shadow of Injustice: Mother

Ibrahum Karatay

In production.

“Shadow of Injustice: Mother” tells the story of a Kurdish mother who has a premonition about her unannounced death. She undertakes a dangerous journey in their besieged city in Turkish Kurdistan to pay a last visit to her daughter and grandchildren. A free-wandering street dog observes the human absurdity and despair in this magic-realistic film.

In co-production with Alchemic Film (NL).

Supported by The Netherlands Film Fund
Filmfonds Shorts
Supported by the municipality of The Hague
Supported by The Netherlands Film Fund
Research and development support
Shadow of Injustice

Flood (Zondvloed)

2020 Nils Verkooijen

When Sijmen, eldest son of farmer Karel, discovers his family is in immediate danger and they are forced to flee their farm, the silent battle between Sijmen and his fathers, not willing to give up his home, begins.



2018 Daphne Lucker

Three sisters grow up in a broken home. They are at each other’s mercy and survive as long as they are together. But is their loving connection strong enough to endure their gloomy surroundings?

Best Film 10+
San Francisco Dance Film Festival
2nd Price
CILECT Prize 2019
Alt text

Seahorse (Zeepaard)

2020 Natalie Bruijns

On the day of her abortion, Dana looks for her own way to come to terms with her decision.

Rifka Lodeizen

Days of May (Meidagen)

2019 Juri Ferri

A Dutch soldier experiences the first days of World War II on the Zeeland Flanders coast. As the rest of the country is quickly getting invaded and his battalion can only wait helplessly for the enemy to arrive, his faith will be put to a test.

Nomination for best Zeeland Short
Film by the Sea 2019
Best international Short Film
Festival Middelburg 2020
Still of Meidagen


2019 Amira Duynhouwer

Twelve-year-old Josephine is always surrounded by her noisy Kenyan family. Today she is home alone for the first time. The silence is hard on her.

Kimya - Amira Duynhouwer

Seeds of Deceit

2018 Miriam Guttmann

In 2017 news came to light that fertility doctor Jan Karbaat secretly used his own sperm during artificial insemination, instead of that of the agreed donors. Seeds of Deceit is an intimate film about two mothers and their children that are trying to live with this new reality.

Competition for Student Documentary
IDFA - 2018
Award for Best Student Documentary
Palm Springs International Short Fest, 2019
Seeds of Deceit


2017 Carolien van Maaswaal

During a night in a hotel room, the walls are the only witnesses of the events that occur. These memories about a guest will vanish when her regular visitor, the housekeeper, cleans the room and brings it back to it’s original state. What do these memories, that are left behind, tell us about what happened the night before?.

Dutch Competition
Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2018
Special Screening
Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival, Krakow, Poland, 2018
Still of Mentia


2017 Daphne Lucker

Agate is doing everything she can to make her daughter’s cello career succeed. Now that Hadewig (15) is getting older, she is trying to make her mother understand that she has different dreams and desires. Still, a sense of guilt continues to haunt her.

Still of Sonate

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