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A dot of ink is the start of every script

DotInk combines technology and art.

At DotInk we believe that everything we do starts with a script, written with an initial drop of ink. Whether it is a script for a drama series, a commercial or your live event, it starts with a dot of ink. With its young and creative brands, DotInk combines technology and art, offering the best solutions for many industries.

We create independent films for an international audience.

As a production company, DotInk Cinema focuses on making strong and powerful films in which the message of the artist is portrayed in a visually rightful manner. We aim to touch our international audience with moving documentaries and fiction projects. Challenging and thought-provoking subjects are often centralised in our work while also focusing on inclusion and social interest.

Content for your brand created by cinema professionals.

DotInk Studio is a creative agancy and facilitating partner for film, TV and commercials.

We offer creative development, production services and post production services with only the highest quality in mind.