About the company and history of DotInk

DotInk was founded in 2016 by then 21-year-old Thomas Mataheru. Focusing on IT development when initially started, DotInk extended her services in 2020.


Now, DotInk is offering customized web applications under its brand, DotInk Web development. Furthermore, DotInk produces online events and commercials for television and internet under its brand, DotInk Creative agency. The agency also provides post-production services for film, television and commercial. Next, DotInk produces short and feature length films for cinema and television under its new brand, DotInk Cinema.

Finally, DotInk supports talents and creatives as talent manager under its latest brand, DotInk Talent management. DotInk’s Talent management department is mainly focusing on dancers and choreographers.

At DotInk we believe that everything we do starts with a script, written with an initial drop of ink. Whether it is a script for a drama series, a commercial or your live event, it starts with a dot of ink. With its young and creative brands, DotInk wants to combine technology and art, offering the best solutions for many industries.

  • May 2022
    Release of the new website and branding
  • March 2022
    Co-producing the short film Thin Air by Emma Evelein
  • January 2022
    Office Relocation to Amsterdam East
  • June 2021
    Adding the new brand DotInk Cinema
  • March 2021
    Junior producer Kiki joined DotInk
  • Oktober 2020
    Creating online-content in Covid19 lockdowns
  • August 2018
    Line-producing the television series 'Zara en de magische kicksen'
  • August 2018
    Founder Thomas Mataheru graduated from The Netherlands Film Academy
  • September 2016
    DotInk founded
  • Oktober 2014
    Development for Newsroom started