HWC Open House

HWC Open House

Hermann Wesselink College
Scripted content for your brand created by high-end cinema professionals.
The Hermann Wesselink College (HWC) wanted videos for the promotion of the school around the open house of 2022. The aim of the Open Days is to create a feeling among future students and parents: 'this is THE school for U.S'.

DotInk produced 8 short video's in which students, teachers and the rector share their experiences with the audience. Due to the Covid19 restrictions, an in-person open house was not possible for the HWC, so we combined these video's into a scripted live-stream that was broadcast multiple times.
About this project.
Year of completion
Number of video's
Delivery method:
Scripted livestreams
Extra deliveries
In app content
Students of the Hermann Wesselink College

Characteristic educational areas

The HWC wishes to pay special attention to their characteristic educational areas such as:
• Beta
• Gymnasium
• Art & Culture
• Math & Language
• Bilingual education
• Global Citizenship

The wish of the HWC is mainly to have students speak, to share experiences that illustrate the field of education, without too much information transfer.

Livestream of the Hermann Wesselink College

Scripted livestreams

After the recording and post-production of the video's, we delivered to multiple platforms. Besides the schools own Open House App, we build a scripted livestream that was scheduled to broadcast multiple times.

We used high-quality cloud solutions to stream a FullHD livestream to an unlimited scalable audience, while keeping costs at a minimum. The stream was automatically encoded to match the end users device, to saveon data usage.