Klankbordgroep Amsterdam

Gemeente Amsterdam
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The city of Amsterdam has asked us to make an information and promotion video about their “klankbord” group. This group consists of a group of status holders who advise the town council of Amsterdam on decision making. This includes advice on social rental housing, jobs and living. The group advises the town council with their experience and the best interest for newcomers coming to Amsterdam.

The video was shot at the City Hall of Amsterdam, containing talking heads and B-roll footage. In the video we give the audience a brief insight into what it's like to be a newcomer or status holder in Amsterdam. Our characters will tell us what the klankbordgroep does, what they stand for, which files they have already dealt with, and what makes them special.

Alderman Rutger Groot-Wassink talks about the importance of the klankbordgroep and what this experiential expertise means for the city. He explains why it is important not only to talk about a target group, but to be in consultation with them.
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